With a title like that, perhaps this should be a series…

Anyway, tonight, I talked to some campers who were completely freaked out about bears, so much so that they turned their generator on (after quiet hours) in hopes that it would deter a bear. Meanwhile, they had all their food out all over their campsite.

On the other hand, I talked to some long-time Yosemite campers who were completely comfortable with bears… and they also had food out (unattended in a nearby campsite).

So, based on my survey (n=2), it appears that there is no correlation between how scared of/comfortable with bears people are and how good they are about storing their food.

Of course, you could argue that the comfortable people just aren’t worried about it (and/or just don’t care if a bear gets their food and the consequences of that). But, how do you explain the freaked-out people not storing their food?