Today, I met Ken Burns after watching an hour’s worth of clips from his upcoming documentary, National Parks: America’s Best idea.

I’ve watched his documentaries on PBS for many years and have always enjoyed them. It’s almost surreal to have him do a documentary on my favorite topic and to see him in person! He’s a very articulate and interesting speaker and it’d be fun to just talk to him (or just listen to him) for a long time.

My favorite two parts of the documentary (that I’ve seen so far) are the introduction and a segment featuring my (now former) officemate, Shelton Johnson. The introduction really makes a point of how important national parks are, and in an interesting way. (I can’t really describe it further… you’ll have to watch in late September.) And, Shelton tells a story of a winter experience in Yellowstone, where he used to work, and concludes with, “A moment in time… in a place as wild as Yellowstone… can last forever.”

Love that quote of his.

You can learn more about the documentary and about national parks at