From bears to food… I suppose it’s not big of a leap, is it?

Tonight, I had a portobello mushroom burger. I figured I’d share my makeshift recipe. (Credit goes to my friend/coworker Lauren for inspiration.)

I think I more-or-less made this up on my own, but I wouldn’t be shocked to find out that I copied this from somewhere or if someone else does the same thing.

I use a barbecue to grill two large portobello mushrooms, a few slices of red bell pepper, and a halved tomato (putting the halves on top of foil make it a bit easier to manage)… I brush all of these with olive oil on both sides (this not only prevents sticking but helps with juicyness). I also chop up some red onion and put it in a foil packet with more olive oil. I grill all this for about ten minutes per side on a medium flame.

For a bun, I usually use two whole-wheat buns and add some swiss cheese (easiest to broil this in a toaster oven for about 10 minutes). I usually put the portobello first, squish the tomato half over the portobello, then add the red pepper and chopped onions.

That’s it! Really good.