On Wednesday morning in Old El Portal, a resident there was about to get into her car when she noticed a sleeping bear inside her car… with all the doors and windows still closed!

Blue 1 asleep in car

Blue 1 asleep in car (photo copyright Paul Pyle)

Sure enough, veteran bear Blue 1 (aka Blue 50, Orange 13) had opened up the car door, gone inside the car, then found himself trapped because the door closed behind him (the car was parked on an incline). He’s not the first Yosemite bear to open car doors. He’s an ever-present bear (usually found in Yosemite Valley… perhaps he was looking for a ride back from El Portal?) who seems to get into trash (but not usually into people’s campsites… he doesn’t like people at all). He’s been in dumpsters dozens of times (and been trapped in some of them). Lucky for him, we’ve found him in the dumpster each time he got stuck before the trash truck came. He also loves bear traps… he’s been trapped about 18 times in his 17 years. So, it’s clear he likes small metal enclosed spaces… but now he’s found the most comfortable one of them all!

Blue 1 peering out the window (photo by Paul Pyle)

Blue 1 peering out the window (photo copyright Paul Pyle)

So, it seems that once he found himself inside the car, he tried to get out, but wasn’t able to figure out the inside door latch (hence “smart(ish)”). So, he left a present and took a nap… just like he does when he’s caught in a bear trap.

Aftermath of Blue 1 in car. There was no food in the car. (Photo by Paul Pyle)

Aftermath of Blue 1 in car. There was no food in the car. (Photo copyright Paul Pyle)

A ranger responded and let him out by opening the door (and running)… the bear ran away, too.

What will this curious bear get into (and hopefully, out of) next?